The Shadowland 

The times, they are a changin'.

Ok, Guys, here's my new blog site. Ready? It's easy...

my new blog

Jehova, help!

Hokay, the plan for tomorrow is this. D&D 6pm to 10/11pm, my house. Does anyone have a problem with this? We really need to know, NOW.

Jess... I'm... I'm sorry.

Now, in the exciting world of Dane's life...

I went to Anchorman with Jess today. It was hillarious.

When I got home, I called Alex... but he was at work. Someone called later on... might have been him... anyways, I waiting too long to answer because I forgot I'm the only person in the house that can answer a phone. I was too lazy to call him again and find out... besides, if he didn't call, I'd feel stupid.

I bit my nails too short. They sting.

Justin, I don't see the logic in thinking that the version of the game makes that much of a difference. You probably loved it so much because you didn't play so much that people ran out of ideas... that, and that you were playing with your family and stuff. I really don't think going back to 2nd edition is going to make the game exciting for you again... it's you that decides that. You'll probably go into it hoping that it'll be more exciting... and you'll convince yourself that it's better when really it's just the out of game situation that you enjoy. But, whatever... do as you wish.

I'm bored. You're boring, Zoidberg.

Chicka boom, chicka boom, don't you just love it

Justin, if you want to go back to 2nd edition, that's fine... but I think you should still play in my campaign. After all, when we did play that one, I could see you guys really getting into your characters... it seemed like it was easy to care about your characters, and the situations and stuff...


I was looking around on, when I saw that a Finnish girl named Anna (known on the site as Danayala) had drawn pictures of all the members of Reddimunds house! This is an awesome picture of Slink!

Slink Dart


If we're sending people home at 11:00, then we're playing at my house. It's closest to the center of all of our houses. We would have been playing at Jess's house so we could play past midnight... but if we're not, we're playing here... unless someone is majorly displeased with that. This is in response to the seventh comment to my "Have you smelled Donkey's loincloth recently? Yes." blog.

It's always what you want.

I want the middle one.$23.88. It's not bad... I need some way to exercise that will also be exciting. I think I could do some martial arts training with one of these.

Steel Batons

Have you smelled Donkey's loincloth recently? Yes.

Ok, so Alex, can you play on Wednesday, because it seems to me that that particular day will work out for everyone involved... work out rather nicely, actually. We can play afternoon to evening and everything... a normal day. Get back to us.

'Nuff said.

What Happened? This is how I feel about many people lol... just lol Bunny... with a pancake on it

This is way to compiliated

Ok, that other blog had 14 comments, so this is the continuation... the sequel, you might say.

I'd love to play next week. Jess gets off at 8:00 on tuesday and thursday, I believe (correct me if I'm wrong), but on wednesday she doesn't work at all... So if no one else works, we can play after I finish behind the wheel that day. (I'll have to check the schedule later to see if I work that day, as well...)

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